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Since opening my law practice, I have dedicated myself to serving the legal needs of Ohio liquor permit holders and applicants throughout the state of Ohio.

I have been involved in the liquor permit industry as a bartender, manager, security person, club owner, restaurant owner and consultant since 1983.   I combine the knowledge I have collected working in the industry with my twenty plus years as an attorney to assist my clients through the many complex licensing, application, tax, citation and other issues associated with a liquor permit in Ohio.  I know first hand the vast difference an experienced attorney can make in successfully navigating that legal maze.

Today I represent individuals, small businesses and major corporate chains with liquor permits in every corner of the state of Ohio on all matters related to their liquor permits, from application process to renewals to citations to liquor permit transfers.  I represent permit holders on other issues as well, including sales and withholding tax issues, workers' compensation tax issues and lease negotiations.

Having been a liquor permit holder myself, I know the importance of your bottom line.

That is why I provide a majority of liquor related services such as routine liquor citations, appeals, permit transfer applications and new permit applications for a flat-fee agreed to by you and me ahead of time. No hourly rates. No hidden charges or costs.  

I am proud of the commitment and service I provide to my clients and my dedication to providing those legal services in a cost-efficient manner.  Feel free to phone me today for a free consultation.  I look forward to discussing your legal needs and serving as your Ohio Liquor Lawyer.



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